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Brand Code: 016RG02 FG5528 0305 G01716700

016RG02 FG5528 0305 G01716700

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Truncated cone shaped vase h cm 30,5 in. 12

415,00 350,00

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Balance, harmony, form: perfection is not a question of points of view but of perspective.

The Aurea Collection rereads one of the most emblematic decorations created by the creative genius of Gio Ponti.

Perspective drawings, geometric motifs, chromatic contradictions for a style that is sometimes futuristic, distinguished by the unusual use of pop tones. With Aurea, Richard Ginori deconstructs and restructures the mise en place, interpreting it in a contemporary guise and identity. Discover a dynamic beauty, without fear of experimenting with new perspectives.

SKU: 016RG02 FG5528 0305 G01716700 Categories: ,

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