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GARANAT Eau de Parfum 100ml



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GARANAT – Red garnet
A name that conveys masculine strength and frankness. GARANAT is inspired by the deep red of the Bosphorus Garnet.


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This purple gem shines in the darkness, giving the wearer the passionate courage and intuition of Suleiman the Magnificent, the most seductive sultan of the Ottoman Empire.
A dense and fascinating whirlwind of a fiery male Rose and a smoky chiaroscuro Incense. Essence of Damask Rose and Absolute of Fat Rose interwoven with the pure and noble Smoky Incense, create a hypnotizing fragrance for a supreme male strength.
Top notes: Essence of cinnamon – Red raspberry –
Middle notes: Essence of damask rose – Absolute of fat rose –
Base notes: Olibanum – Ambergris agreement
Jacques Cavallier

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SKU: 52103 Categories: , Tags: , ,

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