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Founded in 1826, Herend Porcelain Manufactory is one of the most important ceramic factories in the world, specialising in hand painted and gilded luxury porcelain. In the mid-19th century it was a supplier to the Habsburg dynasty and to aristocratic clients throughout Europe. Many of her classic models are still in production. Even today Herend still adorns the most beautiful houses on the planet.

More about Herend

Queen Victoria dined there, and Princess Diana rejoiced with her annual Christmas stocking. Now it is time to enjoy a special Herend experience.
Pass your fingers along Herend’s smooth white porcelain body and hand painted drawings, and feel the passion of great sculptors, master painters and visionary designers. Intended for everyday use and great occasions, as well as Herend’s artistic appreciation, durability and ease of care make it a product of absolute excellence that fits perfectly into your lifestyle.

Herend has a rich history spanning many years, crossing many oceans and captivating many generations enjoys worldwide appreciation as the pinnacle of supreme porcelain, also known as “white gold”.

Today it is the largest porcelain manufacture in Europe; Herend was founded in 1826 in the small village of Herend, Hungary, to produce ceramics. In 1839 a big turning point occurred when Mor Fischer became the new owner of the manufactory. Taking Herend in a completely new direction, the visionary Fischer carved out the unique niche of producing spare parts for European royal families to complement their precious porcelain models from Germany and the Far East.

Fischer designed a series of royal successes that quickly put Herend on course and led to the next phase of Herend’s growth, when the artists in the manufactory began designing their own tableware models. Queen Victoria’s purchase of a large set for Windsor Castle in 1851 was a milestone, laying the foundations for the aristocracy across Europe to reclaim Herend on their estates.

In the 1870s Herend added meticulously crafted figurines to his creations. Popular figurines were at the centre of the scene until the demand for Herend’s animal figurines gradually grew in the 1830s.

Today, Herend is sold in selected and refined retail shops around the world; these are the only authorised sources of authentic Herend porcelain. The only way to be sure that your purchase is authentic is to shop at an authorised Herend retailer.

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