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JL Coquet HEMISPHERE flat plate 27 cm

Jl Coquet -


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JL Coquet HEMISPHERE flat plate 27 cm (14 cm center) white satin

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JL Coquet HEMISPHERE flat plate 27 cm

JL COQUET – Manufacture of Limoges porcelain since 1824, at the service of chefs and the general public! Discover the world of JL Coquet collections, tableware, decoration and gifts.

Some interesting facts about Limoges porcelain

In 1767, a deposit of kaolin was discovered near Limoges, a material necessary for the production of hard porcelain. It was this discovery that changed the history of Limoges and made it the capital of French ceramics.

Two years later King Louis XV bought the deposit, making porcelain a royal monopoly, and the Contrôleur général des finances Turgot granted the privilege of manufacturing porcelain to the Grellet brothers and their partner Massié-Fournérat, who founded the first manufactory in 1771.

In 1774, the factory came under the protection of the Count of Artois.

Finally, in 1784, due to financial difficulties, the factory was taken over by the king and thus received the title of “royal manufactory”, but was in fact only an annexe of the Sèvres manufactory.

More about JL Coquet

From their manufactory, based in Saint-Leonard de Noblat, near Limoges (Haute Vienne – France), J.L. Coquet and Jaune de Chrome create and produce some of the finest porcelain, combining originality of design, subtle shapes and product quality.

With exceptional “savoir-faire”, we have carried out the entire manufacturing process in-house since 1824 in order to offer only porcelain made and decorated in Haute-Vienne.

Thanks to this incredible savoir-faire, Jl Coquet was awarded the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” label in 2010. This is awarded by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry in recognition of French companies that demonstrate excellent industrial and traditional savoir-faire. Jl Coquet also has the official geographical label ‘Porcelaine de Limoges’ as all its products come from its manufacture in Saint-Leonard-de-Noblat.


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