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Carlo Moretti Large Numered Vase



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Large vase in Murano glass by Carlo Moretti

year 2003

height 54 cm

piece numbered 92/200

600,00 450,00

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Carlo Moretti Large Numered Vase

“Those who traveled the foundations of Murano today would be unpleasantly surprised, if a person of fine sensitivity, to get lost among shops or clubs organized by mass tourism. Fortunately, it happens that a specific knowledge, a curiosity allows you to discover a factory of authorship. Carlo Moretti, with his trademark, is an art factory.
Founded in 1958 by brothers Carlo and Giovanni Moretti, it is a unique event on the island of glass. It summarizes the characteristics of entrepreneurs and authors of the creations made in their furnace with the close collaboration of master glassmakers.
For over 50 years, the company of Carlo and Giovanni Moretti has attracted the attention of the international market for the unmistakable formula that combines the centuries-old “know-how” of the master glassmakers of Murano – derived from a long family tradition – with the design instances of contemporary Italian design.
Carlo and Giovanni Moretti in fact speak of glass in a new language.

Perhaps because their challenge began when they were young, with a particular technical preparation that can only be assimilated by a family environment and a fertile place, such as that of Murano.
A production – that of Carlo Moretti – that, since the very early ’70s, has distanced itself from the most historical production and has always faced a wider horizon, where the expressive value of form was recognized.
Therefore, the search for new lines, clean and essential, and technical innovation, almost experimental, both in the use of components – to obtain a glass of great transparency and quality – and in the development of the most suitable processing tools, are the hallmark of the company.

The education in beauty and essentiality that is found in the production is the result of great curiosity and attention to what happens outside the limited confines of the island.
A thousand sources of inspiration, from the colours of the lagoon to the most futuristic human inventions. And the daily and incessant conversation between two personalities and skills – Carlo, mainly dedicated to design, then assisted by his brother Giovanni in the creation of new products – is confronted with the manual skills of the master glassmakers. This is how creations are created that confirm the inexhaustible magic of this material, which contains two contradictory souls, the solid and the liquid.

Cult” objects for the home and for the table, vases and glasses in particular, capable of conditioning tastes and customs, are made of limited number of Murano Crystals, blown by mouth, finished by hand “flying”, then signed one by one and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Increasingly aimed at an audience of collectors, they have found a place in the main museums of the world.

Carlo Moretti is therefore a “factory of authorship” – one of the few remaining in Murano – where creativity and strategic choices coincide in a personal and unmistakable signature.

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