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Necklace coral and pearls

Vintage - Vintage


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Necklace coral and pearls with gold and coral clasp. length cm36 . clasp 25×25 mm . Vintage Collection 80’s


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Necklace coral and pearls with gold and coral clasp. length cm36 . clasp 25×25 mm . Vintage Collection 80’s

F.G. Fecarotta Gioielli distinguishes itself for the competence in the evaluation and choice of antique jewels, found in Europe and in the World. Today it is a solid point of reference in the sale of fine antique and vintage jewellery.

The red coral is the only species of the genus Corallium living in the Mediterranean, from Greece and Tunisia to the Straits of Gibraltar, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily and the Balearic Islands included, but is also widespread in the eastern Atlantic in Portugal, the Canary Islands, Morocco and Cape Verde Islands, usually up to 200 metres deep in poorly lit places with little vegetation.

Corallium rubrum is considered endemic to the Mediterranean, although some populations have been reported in Portugal and Cape Verde.

It needs special living conditions: constant water salinity (which must be between 28% and 40‰, depending on the location and type of coral), reduced water movement and dimmed lighting. The rate of sediment suspended in the water, if too high, limits its survival.

It therefore lives preferably in shady and sheltered places (semi-shady caves, overhangs, cracks in the rocks), from a depth of 20/30 metres up to 200 metres.

Corallium rubrum is a very slow-growing species. Studies on growth rates have shown that colonies grow on average between 0.25 and 0.66 mm in basal diameter over a year.

F.G. Fecarotta Gioielli; Over two centuries of history.

We have been jewelers for over 200 years.



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