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Suamèm Chantecler logo pendant


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Pendant suamèm medium logo in 9kt yellow gold
Gold 4,800 GR

540,00 485,00

You can also contact us by phone at +39 091 586282 or via WhatsApp at the number: +39 391 3323691 (Mon/Sat - 16:30/20:00)

如有需要也可以电话咨询: +39 3923141589
或者微信查询 : 微信号:ilaria0505

The medium suamèm logo pendant in yellow gold represents the versatile spirit that has always distinguished Chantecler.

The history of Chantecler

Capri represents for Chantecler the origin of everything. Here energies, colours and perfumes create something unique and extraordinary every day that we have lovingly transformed into jewels.

Today Chantecler would not be the same company if Capri, besides being the fulcrum of our equilibrium, was not also the center of a world that decides styles and marks the times. Chantecler combines tradition and contemporaneity.  Our island has always been a meeting place for the most influential personalities, the cover stars and the leading intellectuals who give it the international spirit that makes it so special and that has given us the privilege of being able to grow.

Chantecler is the story of a great friendship between Pietro Capuano and Salvatore Aprea, two very different men, both special. Pietro Capuano, nicknamed Chantecler by everyone because of his habit of celebrating until dawn, was a man with an extravagant personality. A dandy, heir to a noble family of Neapolitan jewelers, who knew how to enchant the guests of his memorable parties.

Salvatore Aprea was a young man from Capri, stubborn and rebellious. Despite his law studies, he decided to dedicate his life to art and especially to Fine Jewellery. A creative mind that was able to exploit his visionary imagination to create masterpieces of admirable manufacture.

The Suamèm Chantecler logo pendant in yellow gold represents the contemporary evolution of the jewels of the Piazzetta; versatile and combined, always joyful!

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SKU: 39991 Categories: , Tag:

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