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Tubogas necklace in silver gold finishes and onyx 

Fecarotta - Tubogas


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Tubogas necklace in 925 silver with 18k gold finishes and onyx


You can also contact us by phone at +39 091 586282 or via WhatsApp at the number: +39 391 3323691 (Mon/Sat - 16:30/20:00)

如有需要也可以电话咨询: +39 3923141589
或者微信查询 : 微信号:ilaria0505

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Tubogas necklace in silver gold finishes and onyx  is inspired by the Roman age, when a braided thread on itself gave life to a knitwear that today is known worldwide as tubogas. The Roman patricians wore flexible bracelets that could go up to the apex of the arm as if they were wrapped in the coils of a shining reptile.

The TUBOGAS jersey has evolved over the millennia and thanks to the mechanical industry has been applied all the engineering that today makes these plastic objects particularly comfortable. Because of the device that circulates through the “tube” of the liquid or gas, at the beginning of the 20th century this spiral was called TUBOGAS.

TUBOGAS is a noble and ancient craftsman thought for millennia; it is a Roman and Italian heritage whose repetition strengthens its myth. It is up to us to innovate while preserving intact the preciousness of this History, which we respect, indeed love, hence the tubogas necklace in silver gold finishes and onyx . And like every passion FG Fecarotta Gioielli aims to make it alive, every time more, on the skin of women.

F.G. Fecarotta Jewelry; Over two centuries of history.
We have been jewellers for over 200 years.

We make collections of classic jewels, manufacturing, defined by a very high quality of processed stones.

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SKU: CLT028 Categories: , Tags: , , , , ,

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