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Venini DECO Lamp

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Venini DECO Lamp

Ø 30 cm

H 62 cm

fabric lampshade1 x max 105 E27

Color: RED

1.100,00 940,00

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Venini DECO Lamp

Venini was born in the city of Cusano, near Milan. After serving in the Italian army during the First World War, he trained as a lawyer and started his practice in Milan. He soon met Giacomo Cappellin, originally from Venice and owner of an antique store in Milan.

Career of Paolo Venini

In 1921 Venini and Cappellin opened a glassworks on the islands of Murano, the historic glass production center in the Venice lagoon, under the name of Vetri Soffiati Muranesi Cappellin Venini & C. With Luigi Ceresa and Emilio Hochs as investors, they agreed to buy Andrea Rioda’s recently closed Murano glassworks, hire the blowers of the former company and keep Rioda himself as technical director of the company.

Their plans quickly went wrong, however, when Rioda died before production began. Many of the leading glassblowers decamped to found a competing company under the name of Successori Andrea Rioda. However, the company was also launched successfully and prospered with the support of the founders’ distribution contacts in Milan. The company also benefited from a commitment to the introduction of new and modern design concepts.

Following controversy, Cappellin retired from the firm in 1925, taking most of the company’s master glassmakers and launching a competitor. Venini reorganized with new blowers and, first as Soffiati Muranesi Venini & C. and then as Venini & C., reaching a leading design position among Murano companies. Venini himself played a role in the design of some of the studio’s best-known products, including the famous “handkerchief” series he created with designer Fulvio Bianconi.


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