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An assortment of silver and alloys designed to offer refined collections of cutlery and decorative elements for the home.

    • Georg Jensen


      355,00 280,00

      Henning Koppel pitcher stainless steel mirror 1.9l. masterpieces – a tribute to Georg Jensen himself Launched in 2008 to coincide with master designer Henning Koppel’s 90th birthday, The slender and sleek HK Pitcher was conceived by the legendary sculptor Henning Koppel, and it is widely considered an icon in Danish design history.Materials: Mirror polished stainless steel
      Measurements: H: 335 mm. W: 155 mm. D: 120 mm.
      Design year: 1952
      Launch year: 2008
      The jug holds up to 1.9 litres, and it is the ideal choice, if you want to serve water with finesse. You can also use it as a wine carafe – or as a vase for your flowers.
      The HK Pitcher is made from mirror polished stainless steel.

    • Georg Jensen


      125,00 100,00

      Elephant child set, 5 pcs stainless steel, mirror

    • Georg Jensen

      Season Matt Candlestick

      85,00 70,00

      A totally contemporary touch on the traditional Christmas Advent wreath, this elegant candlestick will undoubtedly become part of your annual decorating rituals. The twisted matt stainless steel wires resemble the branches used in an Advent crown and reflect a warm, soft light from the candles. Customize the candlestick with green or ribbons or leave it unadorned for a modern minimalist pool table.

      Perhaps the most famous creations of designer Maria Berntsen for Georg Jensen, the Season chandeliers emphasize his design philosophy that products should be simple and functional with a strong harmonious quality. They have become contemporary classics.

      The candelabra is made of stainless steel with a matt finish

    • Georg Jensen


      120,00 100,00

      From the corkscrew opening the bottle with the class and style it deserves to the wine pourer that aerates as it pours (creating a richer bouquet), Swedish architect Thomas Sandell thoughtfully addresses every aspect of oenology, with this timeless collection. Created with the same level of care that the connoisseur has for his collection, it is a fitting tribute to the glorious world of wine.. NOTE: This product does not have a cooling function; rather the double layered steel will have an isolating effect and help the beverage maintain its temperature for longer. Design year: 2012 Materials: Stainless steel, mirror polished Measurements: H: 221 mm W: 163 mm Ø: 140 mm Design: Thomas Sandell

    • de vecchi

      Flor Small Candlestic

      289,00 220,00

      Flor Small Candlestick. 1998 design Gabriele De Vecchi
      Silver Plated


      Acanto II Shells Frame

      580,00 500,00

      “Finely crafted 925 silver frame, shell and acanthus motif, second measure Ext. 15 x 20cm
      Int. 13 x 18cm “

    • Georg Jensen

      Koppel Wall Clock

      205,00 140,00

      Looking at the clock has never been as tempting as with this wall clock. Originally created in 1978 by the legendary collaborator of Georg Jensen Henning Koppel, the iconic minimalist design has been updated with a black stainless steel casing that gives the watch a strong graphic look.

      With his respect for form and function, Henning Koppel has been a prominent figure in Scandinavian modernist design. His numerous pieces for Georg Jensen show his love of clean lines, discreet luxury and quality craftsmanship.

      The watch’s simple white dial and vibrant black hands are framed by a stainless steel case with a matt black finish. The internal precision quartz movement ensures excellent timekeeping.
      Item number: 3587576
      Materials: stainless steel, ABS plastic, rubber and plastic
      Measurements: Ø: 220 mm.

    • de vecchi

      Frame silver medium

      950,00 850,00

      T Frame
      925°°°/ Sterling Silver
      22x22h – inside 13×9
      g 190


      Silver Rouche Frame I

      395,00 350,00

      “Finely crafted 925 silver frame, motif rouche, first measure.
      Ext. 10 x 13cm
      Int. 5.5 x 8cm “


      Leaf fico III

      1.000,00 900,00

      Sterling Silver bowl in the shape of fig leaf, third dimension. CM19

    • Georg Jensen

      Ice bucket

      195,00 180,00

      Keeping the wine at the right temperature is an important part of the service and entertainment, but do it with style with this bucket of sophisticated and unusual wine. The stainless steel wine cooler is constructed in two layers to give an insulating effect that keeps the ice cool longer. And the organic sculptural shape of the bucket brings a touch of Scandinavian design to your home bar. The cooler comes with a pair of pliers in a minimalist complementary design.

      Thomas Sandell uses his background in both industrial and architectural design to bring both rigorous practicality and bold architectural style to all his work. For Georg Jensen he has developed a series of bar items that have both form and function, and makes the perfect gift for every wine lover.

      The ice bucket and pliers are both made of mirror-polished stainless steel, which is practical for entertaining the home, but also emphasizes the sculptural forms.
      Item number: 3586961
      Materials: mirror polished stainless steel
      Dimensions: ice bucket: H: 210 mm W: 183 mm Ø: 127 mm. Pliers: L: 170 mm L 40 mm”

    • Georg Jensen

      Fruit Tray String

      115,00 100,00

      Fruit Tray with stainless steel ropes – height 110 mm x width 370 mm.

    • Georg Jensen


      75,00 65,00

      Cobra candleholder large stainless steel, mirror

    • Georg Jensen

      Moneyphant Money Box

      95,00 90,00

      Stainless Steel “The MONEYPHANT is an elegant and adorable way to save your coins.

      In 1987, Jørgen Møller and his grandson designed the bottle opener for the elephant, which became the world’s favorite. Other elephant-themed projects followed over the years, including cutlery, frames, a key ring and a set of children’s tableware.

      In 2010, Møller worked with his great-grandson to invent this elegant piggy bank. The MONEYPHANT is a wonderful gift and a great way to teach a young man how to save money.

      The MONEYPHANT is made of mirror-polished stainless steel and the design has the distinctive features of the classic Scandinavian technique; it is strong, elegant and highly functional.
      Article number: 3580035
      Materials: mirror polished stainless steel, ABS plastic
      Dimensions: H: 126 mm. L: 60 mm. D: 173 mm.

      Translated with


      Silver Rouche II frame

      810,00 700,00

      “Finely crafted 925 silver frame, motif rouche, second measure.Ext. 16 x 20cm
      Int. 8.5 x 12cm
      Int.13 x 18cm “

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