An assortment of silver and alloys designed to offer refined collections of cutlery and decorative elements for the home.

    • Georg Jensen


      225,00 185,00

      henning koppel pitcher stainless steel mirror 0.75L. MASTERPIECES–a tribute to Georg Jensen himself Launched in 2008 to coincide with master designer Henning Koppel’s 90th birthday,

    • Georg Jensen


      355,00 295,00

      Henning Koppel pitcher stainless steel mirror 1.9l. masterpieces – a tribute to Georg Jensen himself Launched in 2008 to coincide with master designer Henning Koppel’s 90th birthday, The slender and sleek HK Pitcher was conceived by the legendary sculptor Henning Koppel, and it is widely considered an icon in Danish design history.Materials: Mirror polished stainless steel
      Measurements: H: 335 mm. W: 155 mm. D: 120 mm.
      Design year: 1952
      Launch year: 2008
      The jug holds up to 1.9 litres, and it is the ideal choice, if you want to serve water with finesse. You can also use it as a wine carafe – or as a vase for your flowers.
      The HK Pitcher is made from mirror polished stainless steel.

    • Georg Jensen


      215,00 180,00

      The Georg Jensen INDULGENCE was born out of a love of entertaining. Few things start a dinner party off on the right foot better than a sparkly glass of champagne. The champagne cooler ensures that your bubbly is kept cool until the moment that you pop the cork and remains cool once you have poured the first glass. The champagne cooler is made of polished stainless steel and looks beautiful sitting on a dining table or sidebar. Its elliptical opening looks organic and the slant of the cooler holds the bottle at the perfect angle for easy removal and replacement. A special champagne cooler for any occasion. Design Year: 2008 Materials: Stainless steel Measurements: H: 225 mm, W: 280 mm, D: 155 mm

    • Georg Jensen

      Cobra candlesticks set 2 pieces

      139,00 115,00

      The unconventional but elegant shape of the Cobra candlestick collection got them immediately and with enormous popularity. The sinuous flowing shape attracts attention and seems particularly surprising when placed in a group, as the lines seem to move and merge while the silvery surface captures the light. This double pack is a perfect gift for those with a strong sense of style.

      Designer Constantin Wortmann’s striking Cobra series was inspired by the sensual lines of the snake itself. Wortmann’s understanding of form and form makes him the perfect collaborator of Georg Jensen and the collaboration has led to some of the company’s most popular pieces.

      The two modern candle holders are made of stainless steel with a mirror-polished surface that reflects the light of the candle.
      Article number: 3586695
      Sizes: H: 240 mm.”

    • Georg Jensen


      129,00 90,00

      SET 2 COBRA CANDLEHOLDER MEDIUM, stainless steel, mirror

    • Georg Jensen


      155,00 125,00

      Alfredo salt and pepper set stainless steel, mirror

    • Georg Jensen

      Salt and Pepper Alfredo

      129,00 110,00

      Standing like two little characters, these smaller salt and pepper salters add a touch of style to your table. All details are reduced to a minimum, leaving a beautiful sculptural shape that fits comfortably in your hands. And functionality has not been forgotten with the internal “All-Grind” mechanism that creates the perfect grain size.

      Designer Alfredo Häberli worked with Georg Jensen to create a whole range of products for the kitchen and dining room. His work always contains an element of fun and humour and he imagined that these household objects were members of a small “family”, adding a bit of personality to each piece.

      The Alfredo salt and pepper set is beautifully crafted from mirror-polished stainless steel with an internal “All-Grind” mechanism that can be easily adjusted to vary the size of the salt or pepper grains.
      Item number: 3586040
      Materials: mirror polished stainless steel
      Dimensions: H: 115 mm. Ø: 70 mm.

    • Georg Jensen

      Cobra Jug

      155,00 130,00

      The iconic Cobra jug has a sinuous and instantly recognizable shape that refers to nature, but which is then reinterpreted in a totally contemporary and minimal way. In addition to being beautiful, the shape is functional, with a narrow neck that makes it easy to hold and pour. The pot will embellish any dining table and will make a perfect gift for any lover of style.

      The Cobra series of candlesticks, jugs and jugs is one of Georg Jensen’s most popular. Designer Constantin Wortmann uses the motto “”form follows emotions”” and believes that the products should provoke an emotional response and should not be taken too seriously.

      Made of mirror-polished stainless steel, the jug is light and practical. It holds 1.2 litres of liquid.
      Article number: 3586611
      Materials: mirror polished stainless steel
      Dimensions: H: 330 mm. V: 1,2 L.”

    • Georg Jensen

      Season Matt Candlestick

      89,00 70,00

      A totally contemporary touch on the traditional Christmas Advent wreath, this elegant candlestick will undoubtedly become part of your annual decorating rituals. The twisted matt stainless steel wires resemble the branches used in an Advent crown and reflect a warm, soft light from the candles. Customize the candlestick with green or ribbons or leave it unadorned for a modern minimalist pool table.

      Perhaps the most famous creations of designer Maria Berntsen for Georg Jensen, the Season chandeliers emphasize his design philosophy that products should be simple and functional with a strong harmonious quality. They have become contemporary classics.

      The candelabra is made of stainless steel with a matt finish

    • Georg Jensen

      Sky Wine Stopper

      42,00 30,00

      The SKY collection was designed with the intention of accentuating the functional aspects of traditional bar instruments. This translates into asymmetrical and ergonomic shapes that fit perfectly into the user’s hand and create a sculptural, dynamic and elegant design language.
      Designer Aurélien Barbry says of his projects: “”Design is an exercise in which you take the simplest things in your daily life and ask yourself how they could be done differently. I want to move objects towards the simplicity and obviousness of form so that it becomes a dialogue with the end user.
      Article number: 3586370
      Materials: mirror polished stainless steel, cork
      Dimensions: H: 90 mm. L: 35 mm.

    • Georg Jensen

      Beak Thermal Jug

      90,00 80,00

      With a shape inspired by the majestic figure of an emperor penguin, the Beak Thermo jug has an elegant and elegant silhouette, a functional nature and a touch of humor, making it the perfect reference point in any table environment. Its almost aerodynamic appearance is not just about aesthetics: the thermos is designed to be easy to pour without dripping or spilling and the top button controls the flow of liquid.

    • Georg Jensen

      Beak Jug

      125,00 110,00

      Standing tall and beautiful, the Beak jug takes its visual starting point none other than an emperor penguin. Designer Maria Bernsten enjoys adding a few elements of humour to her designs, but never at the expense of practicality: the silhouette may seem bizarre and beautiful, but the elegant shape means that pouring is easy, without spills or drops.

      Maria Bernsten works in many different fields at Georg Jensen, creating some of the company’s best-known and most beloved products. From candleholders and mirrors to pitchers and cutlery, her work is defined by timeless quality, functionalism and a sense of humour.

      The slim shape of the pitcher is highlighted by its polished surface, obtained thanks to mirror-polished stainless steel. It can hold up to 1.75 litres of liquid.
      Item number: 3583608
      Materials: mirror polished stainless steel
      Dimensions: H: 230 mm. L: 114 mm. L: 155 mm. V: 1.75 L.
      Suitable for contact with food.”

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